04 Apr

Five Ways to Overcome Sales Objections

No matter the industry, being a salesperson can be difficult when there are negative views of the profession. 

 Overcoming objections is a part of the everyday routine for salespeople. They are mentally prepared to handle customers who are dead-set on what they want. The unfortunate social stigma surrounding sales can make these objections even harder to get around. 

23 Oct

Top 5 F&I Myths in Dealerships

Finance and Insurance (F&I) departments are notorious for the amount of myths that spawn from employees. Just like high school, rumors start to spread throughout dealerships and can sometimes cause issues for those who believe in them.

15 Oct

What the Change in New York's Law Could Mean for Your Dealership

A survey in 2017 by CNBC found that one-fifth of American adults had experienced some form of sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment includes physical assault to unwanted propositions, to even hostile actions taken due to an employee's sexual orientation.

Not secluded to any one industry, sexual harassment has become a widespread problem in the workplace. Now, some states are fighting back.