Identity Theft Recovery

+ Monitoring

Making Virtue Profitable

FamilyBeacon Program Components

  • Compliance Training
  • Policy Development
  • Annual Audit
  • Annual N.V.A.
  • Adversiting Review
  • Employee Benefit
  • Dealership Compliance Management System

    Dealerships that add FamilyBeacon identity theft recovery to their product lineup gain access to Mosaic's industry-leading compliance management system. Mosaic's compliance program includes job-specific learning paths for every employee in a dealership, ensuring that everyone representing your organization is inline with federal compliance regulations.

  • Policy Development and Deployment

    As a part of the FamilyBeacon program, Mosaic provides assistance with developing a dealerships policies and procedures. Mosaic provides templates for various dealership policies such as an Employee Handbook, Sales Policy, F&I Policy, Safeguards Policy and more.

  • Annual 3rd-party Compliance Audit

    As required by the CFPB. By virtue of selling FamilyBeacon, dealerships will receive an annual, third-party deak jacket audit.

  • Annual Network Vulnerability Assessment

    Is your dealership protecting customer data? As an added value of the FamilyBeacon program, dealerships will recieve an annual network vulnerability assessment. This assessment will audit a dealerships internal computer networks and detect potential threats to data security.

  • Advertising Review

    Avoid consent orders from the FTC! Have Mosaic's team review your dealership's advertisements to ensure compliance with federal regulations. An annual advertising review is included as part of the FamilyBeacon program.

  • Employee Benefit

    Believe in what you sell! That idea is at the core of how Mosaic operates. We believe strongly in protecting individuals data, so if your dealership takes advantage of the FamilyBeacon program, every employee at the dealership will be enrolled in FamilyBeacon Identity Theft Recovery and Monitoring, on us!