Compliance, made easy.

Our eCompliance training platform helps organizations
create a culture of compliance.


Key Features

A remarkably versatile system packed with features.

Online Course Builder

Use embedded content creation tools that support multiple formats. Course content is added in the form of modules.

Assessments and Quizzes

Create beautiful assessments to benchmark knowledge retention and reinforce concepts with your learners.

Reports and Dashboards

Review performance and gain insight into training impact with reports and dashboards, or create custom reports delivered via email.

Learning Paths

String together multiple courses in logical groupings to create personalized learning paths for your learners to engage.

Messages & Notifications

Get real-time notifications of activity from your and learners. Drive higher completion rates through communication and notifications.

Surveys and Feedback

Easily gather feedback from team members and learners using the built-in survey tool and out-of-the-box reports.

Board Management and Oversight

Written policies and procedures developed and approved by management.

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Web-based Compliance Program

A planned and organized effort to guide and maintain an organizations compliance activities.

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Complaint Resolution System

A set of procedures an organization uses to address complaints and resolve disputes.

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Third-Party Compliance Audits

Periodic deal-jacket audits conducted by a third-party without "skin-in-the-game".

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Real-time reporting through graphical interface.

With Mosaic's new, innovative dashboards, management can view employees training progress through an easy-to-use, graphical interface.


Designed by automotive regulatory experts.

By the Book

A score of 100% on each module-end quiz must be achieved before the module is successfully completed.

Bite-sized Chunks

Individual training modules last between 8 and 15 minutes each.

What sets Mosaic Compliance Management System

apart from others?

Fully-Managed Compliance Training System

All training content is presented at a level appropriate to the intended audience. Training is presented in modules that include interactive features and a module-end quiz. The individual modules are designed to last between 8 and 15 minutes each; particular topics may require several modules to be adequately covered. Each employee’s participation is monitored and recorded. A score of 100% on each module-end quiz must be achieved before the module is successfully completed.

Real-Time Reporting through Graphical Interface

With Mosaic's new, innovative dashboard feature, management can view employees compliance training progress through an easy-to-use, graphical interface. All of the record keeping and reporting functions are run through a web-based Learning Management System (“LMS”). The LMS generates reports that can be accessed by each dealership’s designated contact person, showing the progress of each employee and the dealership as a whole.

Extensive Knowledge of Auto Industry Regulations

Mosaic Compliance Services offers the most comprehensive compliance training tool and resources portal ever designed, specifically to meet the needs of today’s automobile, motorcycle and RV dealerships. Mosaic is the only compliance program on the market designed and written by true subject matter experts, including attorney members of the National Association of Dealer Counsel, and compliance consultants to the dealership industry.

Employee Handbook Access and Verification

Mosaic’s Compliance Management System provides a paperless means of deploying dealerships’ policy documents. Each such document is “hung” on the dealership’s unique and branded webpage within the System. Each employee is prompted to open the relevant documents, and cannot move forward in the program without verifying that the document has been read, understood, and that the employee agrees to be bound by its terms.